The Harvest

We Manage the harvest.

Our blueberries are harvested by hand. That is the reason why every season Berries Mesopotámicos hires more than 500 workers including temporary pickers and packers.

We PACK our berries!

The Packing House

  • We have our Packing House in “La Pekeka”
  • When the fruit arrives from the field we tag the fruit with several parameters like “date of crop”; “temperature of the fruit”or the “LOT” that the blueberry came. This is very important to keep the trazability in the entire process.
  • We select the best blueberries in our packhouse through classification lines.
  • We pack in different formats and sizes according customers requires.
  • We cool the blueberries to obtain a longer shelflife.
  • We trace the final product and now we are ready to deliver the Blueberries. We have AIR and SEA.

The deliver.

We have a customs team in order to make the international logistic. We track every shipment, That is the way we accomplish every request in time.

We Export mainly to: USA, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and Asia.

Berries Mesopotámicos

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