Berries Mesopotámicos has two blueberry farms

Both are located in the city of Concordia, province of Entre Rios, one of the most fertile farmlands in Argentina.

We have more than 35 hectares dedicated to the production of fresh blueberries with an annual crop of 400 tons.

Technology in the plantation
means better quality

All the hectares are covered with anti frost system.

In 2016 Berries Mesopotamico COVERED the 60% of the hectares with anti-heil system. This makes Berries Mesopotamico to assure a certain quantity of blueberries every year to accomplish the contracts and programs of our customers.

With the assurance of a product of great excellence, our farm starts with an exhausting preparation compound by
* Bringing the organic material to the bed of flowers with over one year of rest.
* The irrigation system has a double lateral dripping.

* An irrigation system by sprinkling to control freezing weather conditions.
* A protection system against hail. 60% of our total production has hail protection

Furthermore, we are careful about health, homogeneity, and the various identity of our plants, implanting only patented varie- ties from the Universities of Florida and Georgia.

Our varieties of blueberries are harvested in the following weeks:

Berries Mesopatamicos is FAIR TRADE and GLOBAL GAP CERTIFED.

We fulfill our obligations with the strictest international regulations for food health care, which we guarantee with the GLOBAL GAP protocol certificate in reference to our process of production.

Berries Mesopotámicos


Estación Yuquerí, Concordia. Entre Ríos

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