Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.

Fair Trade means that the workers receive the correct wage, values and work conditions and the producer receives a fair price for their product.

There is a premium (extra amount of money) that Berries Mesopotamicos invest year by year in the develop of our workers community through different projects. Take a look!

Helping the local community

The premium collected during 2012 was invest in the town of Los Charruas, province of Entre Rios, for the expansion of kindergarten «Duendelin». This project provides the opportunity to 15 children from the town of Los Charruas to have access to a better education, food and care.


Berries Mesopotamicos donated over 100 pairs of shoes to the neediest students from elementary school N°46 “Helena Larroque de Roffo” from the town of Los Charruas.

Better access to health

In 2016, according to the needs of our workers, Berries Mesopotamicos equipped the public dental Hall of Los Charruas, giving the possibility to all the villagers from the town to have a better dental care.
We provided the following equipment:
• Dental Chair
• X-ray equipment
• Suction Units
• Dental handpieces

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