Our fresh blueberry
stands out for its
natural and sweet


We are the first
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Our daily purpose is to
total quality and the
satisfaction of our costumers.

Hello, We are Berries Mesopotámicos!

We are an enterprise dedicated to the production and
commercialization of excellent fresh blueberries.

We are situated within a special geographical location due to its perfect weather and special water and soil properties that make our farm an excellent place for blueberry cultivation.

Our dedication and commitment with cultivation is unlimited. For this reason, we have a highly qualified professional team whose sole purpose is to take up the daily challenge of obtaining total quality and satisfaction from our customers.


The blueberry is a small eatable berry of bluish color, which comes mainly from the Northern Hemisphere. The most accurate historical records ascribe its origin to the United States of America, to the point that it is recognized world-wide by its name
“The Blueberry”.


It stands out by its natural and sweet taste. The blueberry can vary in its diameter between 1 and 2 cms. Its epidermis originates a waxy secretion, which gives the fruit a very attractive look, and its advantage is that it can last longer than other fruits after it’s harvested.


Because of its exotic and intense sweet flavor, the blueberry, in spite of being freshly consumed, is used for making jellies, marmalades, wines, juices, pastries, and a variety of sweet dishes of gourmet cuisine.


Principally, the difference between the blueberry and other berries is its high antioxidant power. It is considered “the fruit of the XXI Century”. Numerous studies ratify that these properties slow down the process of Aging.

Our vision: to be pioneer regarding 
develop a farming paradigm based on
Social Responsibility and Fair Trade

Berries Mesopotámicos


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